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December 2008

Performance Management: The Key to Successful Leadership
Robert Kaplan and Joey Fitts presented at the Athens Music Hall in Greece. Click on pictures and press below to see more.

November 2008

Balanced Scorecard North American Summit 2008
Bruno Aziza presented at the Balanced Scorecard North American Summit in 2008.  He discussed some of the examples of successful organizations as described in "Drive Business Performance", and also showcased the example of Roland with it's CIO, Bob Castle.
SQL PASS Conference
Bruno Aziza talked about the value of Business Intelligence in the event's keynote.

October 2008

Business Performance Management Summit 2008
Joey Fitts presented at the Business Performance Management Summit in 2008. Following his presentation, Fitts was interviewed by by the executive editor of Business Finance Magazine. We discussed some of the concepts and company stories from our recent book, Drive Business Performance. 

See the video interview with Business Finance Magazine here.

Microsoft US CIO Summit
Bruno Aziza presented at the US CIO Summit to leading Chief Information Officers from across the US.

Cranfield School of Management
We had the opportunity to visit Andy Neely and Mike Bourne and guest lecture at the Cranfield School of Management in Bedfordshire England.

Microsoft BI Conference 2008
Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts presented a session entitled “How to Drive Business Performance” at the Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference 2008. The presentation included a panel discussion with executives from Energizer, Pilot Travel Centers, Quilogy and Microsoft.

SuccessFactors People Performance Radio
Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts discuss their new book “Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution”. The book combines the authors’ extensive personal experience working in global companies with in-depth case studies of multiple businesses to explore what it takes to create a culture built around performance execution. The authors share several stories illustrating key concepts to consider when creating a goal-based, pay-for-performance culture. Want people to do what you want them to do? Find out how this week on People Performance Radio.

September 2008

CFO Exchange Summit 2008
Bruno Aziza discussed topics from the book in his presentation at the 
CFO Exchange Summit 2008.

New Book Cites Drive Business Performance
In her new book
The Logical Organization: A Strategic Guide To Driving Corporate Performance Using Business Intelligence, author Gail La Grouw cites Drive Business Performance on page 464:
In their book “Drive Business Performance24 , Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts define a “Culture of Performance Methodology” that outlines the values, capabilities and principles required to effectively monitor, analyze and plan. It provides a useful framework against which Organizations can recognize their maturity in the use of performance systems, and guidelines as to how Organizations can best proceed to shore up their current strengths and build up their weaknesses. A key insight the methodology reveals is that whilst the strength of each capability continues to evolve, the relative strength between capabilities changes as the overall enterprise intelligence capability matures. This is an important point for companies to recognize.

August 2008

Singapore Radio Interview
Singapore Radio938 Live “The Bottom Line” with Yvonne Gomez (
Download MP3; YouTube)
After presentations in Singapore, radio personality Yvonne Gomez interviewed Joey Fitts to discuss key lessons provided in the best-selling book
Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution

CIO Magazine's CIO 100 Symposium 2008
Joey Fitts had the honor of presenting with Microsoft CIO Tony Scott. Joey shared key concepts from the book and Tony announced the Microsoft CIO Network, which will feature a series of content on key concepts from the book presented by authors Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts.

June 2008

We were privileged to be interviewed on Canada's #1 business talk radio progam, The Brad Brooks Show.

June 8, 2008 - Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts - Drive Business Performance
When the fathers of The Balanced Scorecard (Robert Kaplan and David Norton) put the stamp of approval on your work, you know that you're on to something.  During this interview, Bruno and Joey and Brad work through the six stages of performance management.  They also discuss why companies seem to have problems creating a culture of performance.

Download the full radio interview Bruno Aziza - Joey Fitts - June 8, 2008.mp3

May 2008

Audio book Versions Launched
The audio book versions (
Cassette, CD and MP3 formats) were released in May 2008. (listen to excerpt here, order here). 

Business Finance Magazine Book Pick
We were excited to see
Drive Business Performance selected as Business Finance Magazine’s "Book Pick" (see review here).

Stanford University Bookstore "Bestseller"
We were fortunate to be listed as a Stanford University Bookstore bestseller in May 2008.

April 2008 - Drive Business Performance is launched
We launched the book in the United States on the East and West coasts of the USA.
World Innovation Forum
The East Coast launch was at the World Innovation Forum on April 8-9th 2008 in NYC (as a part of Gary Hamel’s lunch presentation).
Stanford Executive Briefing
The West Coast launch was a presentation at Stanford University’s Stanford Executive Briefing on April 16th 2008. The DVD of the Stanford launch presentation is available here.
Amazon Top 50 Business Books
Additionally, we were honored to see Drive Business Performance included among Amazon’s top 50 business books in its first week of availability.